Becoming a Digital Nomad? Here Are Some Common Misconceptions

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Becoming a Digital Nomad- Misconceptions-2

Some may think becoming a digital nomad means you do not have to work as hard, but instead it’s about working smart. Picture this: It’s Monday and you are not ready for work yet. Does the weekend have to end so soon? And look at you, you have just come out from that gruelling traffic! This is monotonous and never-ending- you wish you can break free from it. 

As you try to gear yourself back to work-mode, you happen to see the Instagram post of your previous colleague, travelling in style, and suddenly, another image of a MacBook on a makeshift table facing the sea, a Virgin Mojito plus beautifully plated dishes that look so delectable, and she claims to be working! Now, the chatter started…how can she work while on holiday?  How can she hop from one place to another and claim to be working? Is this for real? She is having the time of her life! Travelling around the world and not getting out of funds! And she’s doing all these while you are sitting and waiting for your next paycheck in that four-corner office of the company you’re working in. Life isn’t fair indeed!

“The grass is always greener on the other side” or so as the proverb goes and this applies as well to people who are looking on the outside….hence, this article gives light to the Common Misconceptions that Employees Have about Becoming a Digital Nomad.  

  • Digital nomads are living la dolce vita.

You may see a laptop on a makeshift table facing the ocean but come on, have you thought about it? The laptop will be heated up if exposed to the sun for too long plus there’s no WiFi on the beach unless of course, one has carried a portable one to be able to access the internet and yet, one has to safeguard the condition of the laptop otherwise the main source of funds will get compromised.

  • Digital nomads can work anywhere. 

While this is true, digital nomads appreciate the importance of having a fast WiFi connection, so having access to it would mean staying at the hotel, or hotel room. Hence, they will try to clear up the workload within the minimum amount of time so they can be able to wander and live the experience outside of the building or resort! That’s one reason why digital nomads need to be very productive within a short time. 

  • Digital nomads are on holiday every day.  

Really, but No! There’s no weekend or no holidays for digital nomads. They get shit done whether it is Saturday or Sunday, Christmas, or Birthdays. No excuses. 

  • It is a few hours of work. 

You may see “digital nomad wannabe” postings of a few hours of work and then play but it is not so true for all the digital nomads. They have to hustle while there’s work which means sometimes working for more 40-50 hours per week. Of course, there’s relaxation when time permits, but when the work-mode is on, there’s no stopping and it goes on without break! 

  • It is fun and happy living the life of digital nomads.

It is not at all rosy all the time. Digital nomads get lonely too. Imagine, being new in the city, and English is not a native language! Living alone, eating alone, wandering the streets alone, and whenever you try to strike a conversation, they would just smile at you- politely acknowledging your presence but that’s about it! So at times, it gets lonely too. 

  • Digital nomads live expensively. 

Not at all. Digital nomads live within their means. Scouting deals on AirBnbs, Hotels, or co-living spaces. There are even cases of dog sitting in exchange for living in somebody else’s villa! Digital nomads, don’t splurge on anything at all! Everything is well considered before travelling and locating to another place for a while. 

So do you think you have what it takes to live the digital nomad lifestyle? Are you ready to make a living online while you travel the world? 

What would convince you to become a digital nomad? Let us know in the comments below. 

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