Attract Your Target Audience in 3 Steps

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The main ingredient in any business is to know your target audience. Only after you’ve completed the groundwork will you be able to move your business further. Hence, knowing and attracting your target audience is the key.

In this interview, we have tapped the expertise of Katie Clark who is the founder of Momma’s Gone Freelance on her secrets as she works her way to the industry. She helps in providing resources to others who are making the transition to the freelance life.

Here she shares her 3- steps to attract your target audience.

  1. Identify your Why’s

Having your “why” is vital for yourself and your business. Dig deep within you to get the root of why you started this project, why you fight every day to win, and what it is that drives you. Was it your experience that made you decide to get yourself into the business? Finding your “why” is very important especially in the early stages because this serves as your guide- and when the process gets complicated, you always fall back on your why and it will get you going during the rough sails.

 2. Identify the clients’ needs

Identifying a client’s needs is one of the biggest challenges of any freelance business, yet when done right is very rewarding! Dig deep into their pain points. Don’t just go on the surface. Get down to the nitty-gritty so that you’re speaking to them and you’re agitating those pain points.  After all, a client won’t come to you if you don’t have solutions to their needs and their sufferings.

 3. Create your marketing copy and attract your target audience

After you have laid the groundwork of identifying your target audience and their needs, it is time to create a perfect pitch based on their language. And that is called marketing copy. It can be anything that you put on your website, your landing page, your facebook group. When writing your copy make sure to go into more details about what your business is, and what it does. This is where you’ll reiterate WIIFM and the problems your target audience face, and give them your solution.

That’s it! With these 3 steps, you can finally start working and get yourself and your business out thereby reaching out to your ideal clients. However, you still might need additional guidance and so Mia is offering a FREE 30-minute strategy call that you can book here so you can have all of those questions answered. 

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