“Your Other MVP – Minimum Viable Presence” An Interview with Pete Cafarchio

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Are you planning to launch a business but you have the fear of where and how to start? Having a doubt with yourself if you can make it or not? Many business people delay their company idea because they believe that they have to be perfect in building their website and social media sites like a Facebook page. This may be normal for someone who is just starting a business. However, you don’t need to worry as we are going to reveal the steps in order for you to know the minimum amount that you need to have online, it can be through your social media accounts or on your own website.

What is the other MVP mean? What is Multiple Viable Presence? Watch the full video interview of Pete Cafarchio here:

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Follow these 3 straightforward steps by Pete Cafarchio in creating your own minimum viable presence or MVP which is very easy to follow and proven to be effective, especially for newborn entrepreneurs. These steps will help you understand the value of starting your business and start creating cash flow and then concentrate on the very least possible. So let’s go ahead and learn more about it.

1. Address your limiting beliefs.

As someone that is new to the business, it is normal that there are hindrances and doubts that let us not continue on what we have planned. You use these reasons in order for you to postpone launching your business or products. There are 3 types of mindset issues that we encounter in launching a business online.

First is Imposter Syndrome, it’s like you’re talking to yourself and ask if you are fit to this business or if this really for you. That nagging voice of doubt at your back makes your thinking like an arrogant man with whom you have to learn to deal.

Second is Comparison, it is simply comparing yourself to others. You are thinking that they are better than you. In this way, you are blocking yourself to continue pursuing your dream business. It is better to always believe in yourself because the first person who will believe in you is yourself.

Last is Perfectionism, maybe at some point, you think that you must have a perfect website or page in order for the people to recognize and patronize your business. You don’t need to think that it should be perfect before launching it to the public. Making a perfect strategy can be a waste of time. Why not start to something that is doable where you can build and make it perfect along the way. It would be best to start at your minimum.

Start to think that these mindset issues are all your fears in launching your business. We all know that fear may not go away but there are ways for you to avoid them or to overcome them. Make a list of your fears and cross it out one by one until you are ready to proceed with the next step.

2. You must know your market.

It is always important to know the nature of your business like if you are selling food supplements that can help other people for their wellness, for you to know where you need to focus to sell your product. You need to know what your product is all about and what is it for them if they will buy your products.

You have to know what your target audience needs to make them feel secure and confident, depending on what you offer. Always look at your customer’s point of view. Think of ways for you to get the trust of your audience. Just like having a video ad, where you can showcase how good your product is and can even add testimonials from your buyers which can be proof that your products are reliable and it is something they can trust.

You can use different social media platforms to advertise your product, you can start from one platform and like testing the water if it is something meant for you or not. Or simply you can start with your relatives and friends, it is not necessary to go to a big advertisement right away, again start at a minimum but also understand what your customers are looking for in order for you to make a sale. Then once you have a concrete plan knowing your market, you can proceed with the next step.

3. Build your plan.

Once you are done knowing your fears and knowing your target market. It is time for you to build your plan. It can somehow help you to do a list of what you want to have on your website or page. After that try to analyze those things and categorize them into something that you need and something that you can just have in the future.

Again, it would be best to always start and think about a bare minimum. Always go on the side where you spend less but in a fast and effective way. You can even start on building your first Facebook page and you can put a purchase link, it is a simple and effective way to start.

I believe by starting at your bare minimum, along the way you will discover more and will have the chance to try it and will always lead to your success. Just have the patience and the proper setting of your goals and I am sure success is on your way with the help of these 3 steps guiding you to start your own business online.

And here are the highlights of Pete Cafachio’s interview. Are you now excited to list down all your mindset issues and conquer them one by one? Let us know your thoughts about Minimum Viable Presence in the comment box below.

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