10 Misconceptions About Becoming a Travelpreneur

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misconceptions about becoming a Travelpreneur

In our previous article which you can find here we talked about the ways one can become a travelpreneur. In this article we’re going to go on a deeper dive and discuss some misconceptions about becoming  a travelpreneur.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go then!

1. Being a Travelpreneur will not yield a successful business 

This is one of the most common misconceptions about becoming a travelpreneur. 

Many people think that you need to be working in a major company where you can climb the corporate ladder to have a successful career and that remote workers are just freelancers or entrepreneurs that can’t have that kind of progress.

Well, we’re here to tell you that this is one of many myths. Remote workers can be just as successful in their careers as “normal” employees. Even if you are self-employed, with the right skills, you can work with corporate clients just as well and gain a reputation in your industry by doing freelance work.  And, of course, there are travelpreneurs who are also entrepreneurs. These people have incredible careers and build their own little empires.

It might not be your typical career path, but that doesn’t mean you will be less successful and qualified.

2. It’s impossible to work while traveling 

This is another misconception about becoming a travelpreneur. The reason is that a lot of people have a certain belief.

That if you are constantly on the move, you will have a hard time working or running a business.

Or that It’s possible to start and grow a business even if someone is traveling frequently.
working while travelingWith the right tools, you can work remotely in different locations and still maintain your productivity. Some of these  tools include Gmail on desktop, Slack, Nifty, and Dropbox among others. These can be great help to remote workers for easier project management and communication with colleagues.

It is important to understand that working on the road will take more time and effort but can be done if you use the right tools and plan accordingly. Remote work hacks always come in handy.people have connected traveling to vacation.

3. It’s hard to stay productive

Remotegaijin offers a great explanation about that:

You might find it hard to focus when you live in a beautiful place where people go for vacation and leisure. While this can be a challenge, most digital nomads have the ability to create their own working schedules. They can choose to keep a regular 9-to-5 schedule, work from home on a set schedule, or create their own routine. The key is making sure they have enough hours each day.

4. It’s just a phase that will end as soon as you face the reality 

This is a fan favorite myth about becoming a travelpreneur. A lot of people have this misconception.But let’s take a closer look at what really happens.
Bookaway offers a great explanation about it.

If a friend or family relative of yours decided to work remotely and travel while they do it, you may have said to yourself that they will be quick to come home and realize that this lifestyle cannot be sustained for very long. And while many digital nomads don’t choose this way of living for good (or at least make bold statements and commit to it), there’s no expiration date on digital nomadism.

You can give it a go for a few weeks, months or even years, come back home for a while and then hit the road once again. Do whatever works for you but embrace the lifelong freedom of knowing that it is your choice, and you’re alone.

5. You need to have a lot of money to work remotely 

Many people think you have a lot of money to become a travelpreneur. However, this is nothing but a myth. Most travelpreneurs are just normal people like the rest of us. They are not necessarily rich. But one thing in common is that travelpreneurs have at least one location independent income that allows them to make a living while traveling the world.

Although the decision to become a travelpreneur is not one to be taken lightly, and does require quite a bit of investment in time, money and energy, it does not require a ton of money. However, it does require a certain amount of comfort with being isolated from your home and family, as well as having a secure income that will allow you to live comfortably and not worry about money.

6. You must be single 

That’s kind of a myth regarding the travelpreneur lifestyle. Let’s take a deeper dive into that one and analyze it further.

While it’s true that being single and free makes the life of a travelpreneur easier to manage, family men and women can still join the party and bring their kids, too. Think of it like the dream family vacation you’ve always dreamed of. However,  instead of quitting your jobs, you’ll just take a laptop on the road with you.

It will require a little more planning and adjusting to make sure that everyone’s needs are met, mainly the kids’, but it is more than possible and probably the most rewarding form of digital nomadism there is. Teach your kids that wishes do come true and that the world is big, beautiful, and in the palm of their hand.

7. Travelpreneurs are always on vacation 

That’s actually another common misconception about being a travelpreneur.

always on vacation

The personal favorite explanation comes from thinkremote. Let’s have a look:

This one is hilarious. If this was true, who is paying for this vacation? Did they win the lottery? They’re magicians. Their Instagram accounts are tricking you into believing that it’s a vacation from January through December. They’re in different places all the time, not because it’s a vacation but because that’s their lifestyle. 

Sure, their evening picture with the Eiffel Tower as the backdrop can make you envious, but you must know that their day looks like 8 hours of remote work and lots of coffee to stay up to finish work projects. Their weekdays look just like any other person’s, even if their backdrops don’t.

8. Travelpreneurs work from the beach

You may see a laptop on a makeshift table facing the ocean but, have you thought about it?

Travelpreneurs are people who undertake a lifestyle of working remotely, living in several places and generally doing work from home. Some are travelers, some are entrepreneurs, some are freelancers,while  others are self-employed.

Working on a beach sounds like a dream come true, but to be honest, no matter how beautiful the location, digital nomads hardly work on the beach. I know many of you have seen the photos of travelpreneurs working from the beach, however it’s not all that true. The main reason travelpreneurs don’t work from the beach is that it’s very hard to see the screen and get a good and reliable internet. It’s also very hard to stay focused and maintain productivity while on the beach.

9. Only Techie can become a Travelpreneur 

Another misconception about being a travelpreneur and living the travelpreneur lifestyle. Let’s have a look at what jorcus has to say about it:

A lot of non-tech people ask me how they can earn money while living in another country. They want to know how to get a visa to live in a country where they don’t speak the language, get a job that pays enough to live on, find affordable accommodation and what not.

The first thing you notice when you’re traveling is that there are many people who are living their lives differently. To put it simply, “digital nomads” are people who travel around the world to earn income from freelancing or working remotely, but they’re not traveling to escape the responsibilities of being a part of a local community, they’re traveling to work from anywhere!

Since the pandemic, there are more and more remote companies looking for remote workers that aren’t only for techie people to work in their company. It can be a virtual assistant, UI/UX designer, remote HR and content creator.

10. Travelpreneurs work only a few hours a day

Yet another myth about the travelpreneur lifestyle and a misconception for most people. Most travelpreneurs like all the office people, many people work 40 hours a week and most of them work even more than 40 hours a week. So,travelpreneurs aren’t those people who don’t work or just work a little and travel the world. If they did, how would they fund their lifestyle?

So there you have it, the top ten common misconceptions about becoming a travelpreneur.There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions about the travelpreneur lifestyle. What was your favorite myth? Did you find any of these helpful? I certainly hope that this article helped you understand the travelpreneur lifestyle and help you towards becoming a travelpreneur.

Let us know in the comments below in feel free to reach out to me with any questions through our website.

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