The Complete Guide To Becoming A Travelpreneur!

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The Complete Guide To Becoming A Travelpreneur

You might wonder what this guide is about. What a travelpreneur is, and what do you need to do in order to become one? In this blog we’re going to analyze what a travelpreneur is and how to become one. By the end of this blog you’ll know exactly what it takes to become a travelpreneur and if the travelpreneur lifestyle suits you.
Sounds good?

Let’s go then! 

What is a travelpreneurship and who is a travelpreneur? 

Well let’s take a look at what SEO Butler has to say:

Travelpreneur—a portmanteau combining travel and entrepreneur—is a new term: so new that it doesn’t yet appear in dictionaries. We define a travelpreneur as an individual who operates a successful business and is location independent. This means that the business continues to operate profitably and under the same principles, regardless of the owner’s physical location.

What do I need to do to become a travelpreneur? 

So now that you know what a travelpreneur is, it is time to look at what it takes to become a travelpreneur.

1. Find your skill set

Whatever skills or knowledge you have, you can make it work remotely. Some things, like graphic design, are easier to do from any location. Other skills may be more difficult to practice remotely. But it is possible!
A good place to start is by browsing job ads and freelancing websites to see what clients are looking for. Then you can work your way backwards to become the perfect hire.

2. Choose your first location

Where your location is matters a lot. Running a remote company from a small island with unstable internet connectivity probably won’t get you far. On the other hand, living in Paris on a freelancer’s budget will have you running home within a month. And of course, it’s important to consider your legal right to reside and work in a country. Many countries, such as Estonia and Malta, now have digital nomad visas or remote worker permits.

Budget, legal rights, internet connectivity and ease of living should all contribute to your decision. No place will be perfect, but if budget & cost of living is more important to you, consider countries like Estonia, Mexico, Romania or Georgia, among others.

Well, what about the best of both worlds? What is a location that has everything you need to start the travelpreneur lifestyle? A place that is budget friendly, but also modern at the same time?
In this case, you should consider countries like the Czech Republic, Croatia or even Portugal.

3. Start freelancing

This is an important step in becoming a travelpreneur. Once you’ve determined what you’re good at, start by getting small gigs and freelancing for clients. The pay might not be astronomical, and the work might be tedious, but the experience is everything.

Then, once you have built up a portfolio, experience, or credentials, you can move into creating your own business. Most digital nomads prefer several income streams (or part-time jobs), so don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

4. Build your business

If your long term goal is to start a remote company that can be managed from anywhere in the world, then why not become an e-resident! Did you know that Estonia has the highest number of start-ups per capita in all of the European Union?

But now you must be thinking “Okay but how do I do that?”. No need to worry. We know that digital nomad business registration can be confusing. Check out how to start a remote company in Estonia. This guide will surely provide an insight on what it takes to start a travelpreneur lifestyle by becoming an e-resident

5. Find a community

The best part of being a travelpreneur is finding new communities of like-minded people. Being part of a community is not only good for business but also good for our well-being! Working remotely shouldn’t stop you from doing that.

Not only will socializing make you happier, but it can also connect you with potential clients and job leads.Living the lifestyle of a travelpreneur can be a crucial part of your success. Check out co-working spaces, cafes with good WiFi, and meet-up events to find your community and meet like-minded people.

Travelpreneur advantages 

1. Freedom to work from anywhere in the world

becoming a travelpreneur- travelpreneur advantages  

Freedom is, of course, the biggest advantage to being a digital nomad. You have the autonomy to choose your location, your work hours, your vacation hours, and much more.

Less stress & better quality of life is also a possibility. That’s not to say that a digital nomad life is a vacation, but the little things that caused daily stressors will disappear. Rush-hour commutes, work meetings, and lack of free time can put a lot of pressure on us.

2. The ability to travel nonstop

Imagine that for a moment. Having the ability to visit any country you desire. Travelling around the world. Isn’t that a dream come true?

If you have the spirit and the desire to see the corners and far reaches of the planet, a travelpreneur lifestyle might be just the thing for you. Your need to earn an income no longer has to hinder your ability to see the world — the two of these conditions coexist peacefully when you’re living as a travelpreneur. You can work and travel simultaneously, without the need to take any breaks in your travel plans.

3. Meeting like-minded global citizens

With so many people shifting into the digital space, there are an immense number of groups, online communities, and resources for travelpreneurs Cut through the potential of feeling isolated. No matter where you are, remember: you are never alone! Reach out and connect with like-minded people doing the exact same thing you are.

They can offer advice, pointers, and other resources to help you along your digital nomad journey.

You may even come across opportunities to network with the people sharing your same path.

Also consider coworking spaces, which are abundant throughout different parts of the world.
Many areas also offer co-living spaces, where digital nomads can join in a flatting situation with other individuals. Imagine getting together with other inspiring travelpreneurs! Doesn’t that sound great?

4. Grow as a person 

It is  said that change begins at the end of your comfort zone. When you place yourself in unique and different places, and situations, you give yourself chances to grow that you might otherwise never have had. Exposure to new and exciting things through the travelpreneur lifestyle will enhance you as a person, enrich your life, and make you grow in ways you never have imagined. You will learn the art of self reliance, trust your instincts, and overall form a more solid sense of self through the adventurousness of your journey.Connecting with other like-minded people along the way, you’ll make newfound discoveries that strengthen you as a person. And growing as a person is perhaps the most valuable yet priceless reward.

5. Financial Freedom 

As with most things, living as a travelpreneur is what you make of it. That being said, what you put into it will be exactly what you get out. If you work hard and remain focused on succeeding in your career as a travelpreneur, eventually you will achieve whatever success means to you. Of course, financial advancement is what many consider to be a component of success. The financial flexibility offered by  living the lifestyle of a travelpreneur, can be hugely rewarding. It’s certainly less rigid, structured, and stagnant than the outdated “9-5” office lifestyle, with even more financial freedom.
And with the advent of social media,travelpreneurs are striking it rich all the time. Promoting your travels online is one way to earn an income as a travelpreneur.

Travelpreneur disadvantages 

1. Missing your home 

While part of the fun of travel lies in being someplace new and some travelpreneurs may prefer to feel like they belong in their destination of choice, especially if planning to stay there for a longer period. A sense of community, availability of activities, and feeling as though you fit into the lifestyle of the area, generally, are key components of feeling at home in a particular place. This can be a challenge for people living the travelpreneur lifestyle who may take time to get used to new places. It may take a bit of time to get to know the people, engage in activities, and feel a sense of community in a new place. To help with this, take advantage of the resources offered by social media. Look for local groups, pages, and online communities where you can connect with others in your area and even attend networking events.

2. Getting lonely at times 

It’s common for travelers of many types to feel lonely while they’re on the road. Travelprneurs are no exception. Being far away from friends, family, and loved ones could mean that you’ll face bouts of loneliness as a travelpreneur  Although you’ll be taking a plethora of new places and experiences, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of loneliness or homesickness in your solitude, even  more if you’re traveling alone.

3. Balancing life and work 

Budgeting time in one’s life is an art form in its own right. This applies to people in every industry and walk of life, and travelpreneurs are no exception. As a travelpreneur, you’ll be juggling many elements and wearing many hats. You’ll want to take time to travel, but you’ll also have deadlines to consider and clients to satisfy. To help you manage your time effectively, you should carry a daily planner with you or you can download a time management app on your mobile.

Is the travelpreneurship lifestyle for you?

Now that is a great question. Do you think you can live like a travelpreneur? The hardest part is actually finding an income source to enable you to become a travelpreneur. This is why most (but not all) jobs do not allow this freedom: if you don’t turn up at the office, you generally don’t get paid.

How to choose the right base 

1. Visa Requirements 

becoming a travelpreneur- visa requirements

First, it’s important to choose a country to call your home base of operations. It’s also essential to know which countries you can travel to legally on the passport you hold. Once you’ve got a destination country sussed out for your base as a travelpreneur, you will need to research that country’s visa requirements and carefully I may add. Because nothing could be worse than getting hung up at the border due to an annoying (and completely avoidable) paperwork issue. Smooth travel — especially across borders — is all about adequate planning to ensure your cross-border transitions are as hassle free as possible. Choose a country with realistic visa requirements and costs for your situation. If you’re just starting out as a travelpreneur without any real savings to back you up, make sure to choose a country with a small visa application fee to minimize your financial risk.

2. Infrastructure 

It’s important to know your own limitations when it comes to comfort and convenience. Do you require 24/7 access to a cafe with free wifi and yummy coffee? Are you content to live in a straw hut? Is running water a consideration for you? Things like running water, sleeping conditions, medical care, access to roads, public transportation, and other infrastructure elements will impact your travelpreneur lifestyle in a huge way. The key to any good decision is solid research. Research your countries of interest to find out what amenities, public resources, community services and infrastructure are available there. It’s your first line of defense against getting caught off guard once you step off the plane. Reduce the element of surprise as much as possible by knowing what you’re up against well before you set out on your journey. Especially if you’re planning to make a particular country your home base

3. Cost of living

It is very important to know before you go. It is also important to understand the initial and everyday expenses you’ll face as a travelpreneur, both when you first arrive and when you put down roots at your destination. Start by evaluating your current financial situation.
For example:

  • Do you have travel savings?
  • Do you have a budget for unforeseen expenses?
  • How long until you plan to set out on your travels?
  • And lastly, what are some of the things that might benefit you once you’re abroad in your new digital nomad home?

Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or you have a bit of savings to back your travels as you begin your digital nomad journey, financial considerations will be a huge factor in your plans. Figure out the affordability of your country of interest — and how far your cash is likely to go once you get there. It’s worth noting that currency exchange rates can drastically affect your travel budget. For example, if you’re coming from the United States or Europe, the US dollar (USD) or Euro are strong currencies compared with many others around the world. A single Euro or USD can buy significant amounts of currency in some

4. Safety 

The most important concern you should have when traveling anywhere is the safety of the region you plan to visit. This applies to anyone, not just travelpreneurs. If you are planning to adopt the travelpreneur lifestyle and travel solo, it is crucial to choose a destination that offers very little risk to your safety and health.

 For example, a female digital nomad traveling solo to a Middle Eastern nation may be required to dress in attire appropriate for that country’s culture. Failure to dress properly could result in unwanted attention and even action by authorities in these areas. 

The bottom line: Context matters.

Important places to avoid are: 

  • High crime areas Countries where certain diseases are known to exist 
  • Areas of civil unrest
  • War Nations affected by political instability 
  • Places commonly fraught with pest infestations 
  • Harsh weather areas Natural disaster risk areas

Be smart.Always tell a trusted friend or family member about where you plan to go, how long you plan to stay, and when you’re in transit. That way, if something happens, you’ve got a contact who knows where you should be and how to locate you.

5. Co-working spaces 

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better than a comfortable office space to call your own (at least for a little while). Co-working spaces are safe and reliable places with solid internet connectivity to get work done without breaking the bank. These spaces are usually clean, sleek, and minimalistic, offering travelpreneurs strong wifi and a quiet environment. If you’re someone who needs little to no distraction to focus on your work, a shared office space could be better for you than a noisy cafe.

6. Things to do

As a travelpreneur, you may find yourself dwelling in your chosen place for a decent period of time. Especially if you choose that place as your home base of operations, it’s safe to assume you’ll be submerging yourself in the local culture. What sorts of activities are on offer in your chosen location? Are you aiming for a centrally located city with lots of theaters and cafes or someplace more remote? No matter where you choose, you’ll want to make sure not to leave yourself bored or, on the contrary, on sensory overload. Pick your base that offers a good balance of nature, culture, cuisine, and activities to suit your tastes and preferences.

Things to consider to succeed as a travelpreneur

becoming a travelpreneur- how to succeed

1. Have the courage to pursue opportunities 

Failing to take action is one of the main reasons why people don’t succeed at the travelpreneur lifestyle. If you want to make your dreams a reality, the crucial thing is to make it happen. Successful entrepreneurs and leaders all tend to have one thing in common: they have the courage to pursue opportunities. Without action, your intentions remain just that: intentions.

2. Memories are priceless

In a lifestyle where you’re constantly on the move, it’s easy to get hung up on trying to pinch every penny.

Don’t let that stop you from making memories in the places that you visit!

What’s the point of all this travelling if you don’t have any stories to share at the end of your journey?

Dive into the local culture, eat something exotic and unique, stop at the tourist attractions, seek out the unexpected, and don’t be afraid to spend a little money on something you’ll remember for a lifetime.
Learn as you go 

3. Don’t forget friends and family

Even on the other side of the world, your relationships with friends and family should remain a priority. These are the people who will be there for you through thick and thin, and it’s important to keep them close. Make sure to plan stops on your journey to visit loved ones frequently. The experiences you share with them are vital for your mental health. New laughs with old friends really help to reset your stress levels!

4. Make decisions you will be proud off 

Live your life so that your future self will look back and feel pride in what you have accomplished. Every person is unique, and it’s essential to own your gifts and strengths. Be proud of who you are, what you’re doing, and your journey.

5. Be patient

As mentioned earlier, we like to chase opportunities. Despite this, weeks–and even months–can sometimes go by without anything worth pursuing jumping out at us.

Keep a positive attitude and continue working towards your goals and opportunities will present themselves eventually.

6. Work hard play harder

The nature of our business requires us to work a lot–but luckily, we love what we do. Despite the need to work hard, it’s crucial to make time for play as well! You don’t want to say that you’ve been to Paris but couldn’t even make time to visit the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre.So put in an effort to make time for yourself as you travel and enjoy the places you visit.

7. Stay fresh and innovative

If you could become a major success by following all of the “rules”, then everyone would do it. You need to think outside of the box, question the way things are done, and break the rules of your industry to come out on top.Stay fresh and innovative, use unique solutions, and take risks. A lot of time it can mean a world of difference.

Why do travelpreneurs fail with their lifestyle 

1. Lack of capital 

Lack of capital is a massive reason many aspiring digital nomads don’t make it. As the old saying goes, “it takes money to make money.”

The more you can invest in yourself as early on as possible, the better. Before you set out to establish a base in a different area or country, make sure you have enough money saved. Consider things like unforeseen expenses, emergencies, and other costly things that might pop up along the way. The last thing you want is to run out of money before you even have a chance to live the travelpreneur lifestyle!

2. Lack of skills

While being a travelpreneur sounds incredibly fun, it also requires a certain skill set. Much of the process of living the travelpreneur lifestyle is learn-as-you-go, but you’ll need to be sure you’re wielding skills that are desirable in today’s digital marketplace. Are travelpreneurs in demand? Absolutely. There are myriad niche industries in which you may find yourself as one — from copywriting to digital marketing and graphic design. Knowing your skill set is incredibly important to choosing a path that will be sustainable and lucrative in the long run. Your fate as a travelpreneur depends on it.

3. Too much travel

The travelpreneur lifestyle isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you need to face many people from the society, they may be your friends, family members. You should be confident and prepared for that.
Then comes the relationships,it is really hard to move away from the loved ones, you should make them understand that you are not abandoning them.

4. Not having a solid plan

Before you go anywhere, sit down and write out your priorities, goals, and current assets. Each of these factors will weigh heavily on your overall digital nomad experience. It’s important to know your strengths, weaknesses, and challenges you may face as you embark on this journey into the digital realm. It may be best to break up your plans into months, quarters, and years and set realistic goals for each of those time frames. How much money do you want to make? What will the demands and expenses be in your chosen destination? Which niche industry is right for your skillset? Form a plan before you leave home, and make sure you’re committed to it.

5. Not being good with time management

Time management is a key factor in becoming a travelpreneur and adopting that lifestyle. Because a Travelpreneur is not just relaxing, there are such times when they need to work more than exploring to make the product or service delivered.
They need to stay awake late at night or should wake up around 3 o’clock because of Time zones. They may be in different time zones and their clients are in different time zones and need to contact them. This is called timezone madness.
If they don’t work for a week, they will have greater chance of losing their income for those days, this is worse in case of digital nomad or freelancer.

6. Quitting too early

Good things take time”, as the age-old saying goes. When we set out to do anything in life, the worst thing we can do is assume the worst or give up before we even try. It’s totally normal for the digital nomad journey to begin slowly. Chances are you won’t be wrangling in massive clients or huge paychecks in the first few weeks. Be realistic about your success timeline.
Get inspired! Check out this article about the top earning digital nomads from The Nomad Mompreneur and learn from them.

So there you have it. The lifestyle of a travelpreneur and things to look out for. Do you ever imagine yourself living that lifestyle? Were your expectations changed after reading this article? If so, what made you reconsider some things? Let me know in the comments below.

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