You want to pursue a life-long dream and you ask yourself, where do I start? Do I have what it takes to make this dream into a reality?

We watch the interview with Linda Clay, a Business Coach and Lifestyle Strategist as she tries to answer the questions that run in our minds before we take a plunge and pursue that dream.




  1. Building a Business is also Building Yourself.

You have to unpack all the suitcases you’ve hidden and face all the unwanted and painful instances in your life, because business is changing yourself. And the only way to change is when you face all your fears and pains.

  1. Stop waiting to Reach Perfect. Just go for it!

People are always waiting for everything to be perfect and you start second guessing yourself. You have to stop reaching for perfect because it’s never going to happen. Whatever you have today is exactly where it should be and you don’t need to strive to be anything other than what you are right now.

  1. Tap into your audience.

Ask your friends and family, create a group, listen to what they have to say. Your prime function as an entrepreneur is to answer the question to their problem. You build on that and try to create a solution for them.

  1. Believe in yourself. You are unique.

Everything you need to create your business is within you. Sit down and make a list of your gifts and talents. If you’re not sure what to list down, ask your friends and family, what is it that I do that can help you? You need to know who you are and what you enjoy doing and what you are good at.

  1. Stay positive.

Surround yourself with positivity. Learn to control the voices in your head, because we tend to be the worst critics for ourselves. When we launch a business and hear negative feedback from our customers. We have to listen and address this, how do we make things better for them.

  1. Create a list.

You will be overwhelmed by the things that need to be done to start your business so take them out of your head and put it on paper. Learn to break it down and organize to make it more manageable, take it one step at a time.

In conclusion, everything that you need to start your business is within you. Learn more about yourself, focus and believe in you. I am rooting for you!

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