If you’ve been thinking about a career transition or an exit plan, you’ve come to the right place.

98% of Ellevate members have worked in toxic work environments

That means that out of 231 women surveyed, almost everyone said they have experienced a toxic work environment.

It may seem complicated to figure out the next best step for your career. But don’t let overwhelm take control of removing yourself from a harmful situation.

In this post, I’m going to show you a simple step-by-step process to remove the overwhelm and gain clarity to see if starting a service-based business is the right plan as a career transition/exit plan.

It all starts with packaging your existing skill set so that you can offer it to customers who need your help.  

1.What are your strengths?

You might have a generic answer from the time you were preparing for your job interview. But we all know that’s not the real answer. What are your true talents and hidden gifts that haven’t been discovered yet?

You see, most people go through life without uncovering their true talents. In order to discover your unique gift, you have to go a little deeper than that. It’s not meant to be the first thing you can think of off the top of your head. If you’ve never done this powerful exercise before, this is a very good time to do so. Ask your friends and family to pick 3 of your top strengths. Make note of those that overlap between answers. Hold on to this answer.

2. What problems can you solve?

What are some problems that you can solve on your job, that comes easily for you? Make a list!

This is a crucial exercise to turn your unconscious competence to conscious competence. There are so many tasks that you complete in a day that goes above and beyond your job description. This is why you should never let your job define who you are.

3. Now, review your list of strengths and the list of problems you can solve. Circle the ones that you enjoy, that truly sparks joy.

One sec! You’re not done just yet. 🙂

Take what you have from this exercise and download this “Business Canvas” worksheet from Travelpreneur Tribe to define your business idea.

This worksheet reveals all the key components or “pillars” that a business requires before launch.

Don’t worry about making it perfect on the first try. You can always define it as you go.

Remember: shipped is better than perfect!

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