How To Find Your First Customers

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How to find your first customers

Getting your first customers when just starting with your business can feel overwhelming and scary. And no matter what business you are starting, there is that burning question inside one’s head: “How to find your first customers? How will I start making money?” I am just starting, nobody knows about me and I have no audience!

Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible. Most of the successful business owners, coaches, and mentors that I talk to had this problem when they were starting, including me. But we did not give up and we kept pushing forward and found new ways and strategies on how to find and keep customers.

And so can you. So stop making excuses for why you can’t and get to work and find the best strategies that work for you and your business.

Trust me – it will be so worth the effort. There is nothing like the feeling of getting a new client and making your first sale. Once when you receive the email notification that the successful transaction has gone through and there is somebody who values your worth, just sets you off on the path of no return.

But before you move forward, you should have a solid business foundation of knowing who is your client, what problems and challenges you are helping to solve, and have a clear outline of your products and pricing. If you are not there yet … here is how you can get started – Link to VBI blog.

And if you already do have a solid business foundation then it’s time to move on to know how to find your first customers.

Step #1 Reach out to your existing network and attract more customers to your business

This is the first step how to find your first customers. When you are just starting is you need to talk to your friends and existing network first. Get the word out there whether is on Facebook, Linkedin, or any other media that you use.

In the beginning, your friends and acquaintances are your most likely clients. Also, by talking directly to people, you’ll learn more about what they need and how you should describe yourself and your business.

Step #2 Connect with your potential clients

Now given that you already have some experience talking about your business and what problems you are trying to solve, you want to start reaching out to your clients directly. And one of the best ways to do that is to join online groups on Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, and other forums where they spend their time.

You want to build real engagement with them. Start by introducing yourself so they know who you are and how you can help them. Give them value by engaging in conversations and posting insightful content and show your expertise by answering their questions and giving them helpful advice.

Step #3 Put yourself out there

A smart and easy way to get people to recognize your expertise is to put yourself out on a stage where they can see what you are all about. It does not matter how much experience you have. Anytime you put yourself in front of a group of people, either as a host of an event or as a presenter, you position yourself as an expert.

And if you are struggling to do it on your own, because I know it can feel a little scary, do it with another person. Schedule an interview where you get to interview another expert, organize an event with an already established expert. Trust me after a while, things will get easier.

Step #4 Check out freelancing sites

There are a lot of job sites out there, like Upwork or Fiverr. Create an account, outline your offer, and create notifications for when a client is looking for your services. Now keep in mind that starting on freelancing sites may not pay as much as you would expect at first – but that is OK. What you want to do is get started. You want to get the first few clients, get a couple of reviews and mostly go through your process with a real client and resolve an actual problem because that is the only way that you will validate your business.

Now there are tons of other ways to get your first client but if you start with these you will be on the right path to get your first client. Just make sure you are offering value first, and not just trying to sell right away.

Step #5 Be Yourself.

This is the final last step how to find your first customers. Your authenticity is one of the most important commodities that you can have. You need to show your real self to your potential clients and show genuine interest in helping them with their business with your offer.

Now, it’s your turn. What are the other ways you can think of how to find your first customers?

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