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Here at Travelpreneur, we have been busy creating valuable and informative workshops to help our fellow Travelpreneurs out with different aspects of their new online businesses. Today’s top successful entrepreneurs have been attending workshops since day one. Our workshops are designed with the entrepreneur in mind. Workshops are a great way to learn about a particular subject and methods in order to better your business. They are also designed to deliver the outcomes your business requires.

Are you searching for new ways to build your business? Struggling with the design of your website? Do you want to learn how to make it really stand out against the competition? Do you need to navigate through your business ideas and design your MVP? Here is a sneak peek of some workshops we have at our Travelpreneur Retreats:

Lean Methodology

You may be wondering, what is the lean methodology or validated learning? And why will be focused on building an MVP rather than designing your entire business? Welcome to our intro workshop, where we will talk about maximizing your learning process with a minimum amount of effort. We will also highlight why it is critical for your startup. The Lean Methodology is a business methodology that promotes the flow of value to the customer through two guiding tenets: continuous improvement and respect for people  Learn all about it in this workshop! 

The Lean Mindset + Lifestyle Design

Are you ready to design your life and your career? There a million ways to build a business, and a million ways to live your life. In this workshop, we’ll make sure you’re on track to building a company that works for you and your desired lifestyle, rather than something you hate. We believe it is important to design a business and life you are passionate about, and we will explore that together! 

Ideas + Market Research

Are you struggling to define the “WHY” of your business? Or even a NAME for your business? Every startup starts with a great idea or an improvement on a great idea. In this workshop, we’ll flesh out your existing ideas, do some quick market research, and get to work designing your MVP hypothesis. Here you will find the reasons behind your business idea. 

The Lean Canvas

Business plans are long and can take what seems like forever to create. Rather than spending weeks creating a business plan that no-one will ever read, we’ll spend 90-minutes creating a lean canvas to identify the problems, solutions, key metrics, competitive advantages & key value proposition for your startup idea.

MVP Creation

MVP, otherwise known as Minimum Viable Product is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future product development. You’ll define the methodology for testing your ideas, determine what you need to build, how you’ll find your audience and define success parameters for your startup MVP.

It’s time to validate your ideas!

Are you ready to take your business idea to the next step? Have access to all these workshops and more at one of our Travelpreneur Retreats! CLICK HERE to find out more. 

By Rebecca Crespo

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