Strategies on how to find the right online business coach to help you reach your business goals

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online business coach

1. What is an online business coach and what does a business coach do?

Online business coach. We all have heard that word but what does it mean? What does a business coach actually do? I am sure you are wondering these things. Well, these are some good questions! An online business coach is someone who helps you grow your business and who mentors and guides you to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. 

The thing is: Top performers in all sorts of industries use coaches to get ahead and stay at the top. Yes, you read right. People like Bill Gates, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, and other top CEOs, athletes, and industry leaders use coaches to help them perform at their best. 

In fact, there is a survey by Forbes that shows that one in six entrepreneurs turn to coaching to improve their performance.

online business coach - survey result

To get to your goal faster, you can’t figure it all out on your own. Even if you’re the best in your industry, you simply can’t be a top performer without outside help.

2. How can an online business coach help you start and grow your business? 

So we have analyzed what a business coach is. But what can the business coach offer you in order to help you start and grow your business? Let’s take a look!

a. Help you find your passion

If you need to fall back in love with your business, business coaches for entrepreneurs have the tools to help you do that. Over time every business can become a bit boring. Motivation is key to maintaining and growing a vision and passion. Whether you are building a simple marketing plan or a full business, your business coach is an excellent sounding board and can be an invaluable tool and sounding board to help you get your passion back!

b. Help you figure out what type of business to start

Anyone who has thought about starting or who has started a business knows it can be hard to come up with a winning business idea. 

You don’t have to come up with the next Facebook or Amazon, but you do need to have an idea that’s profitable, that you enjoy working on, and that you can back up with results. When I first started my business, I had to go through a couple of ideas before I found the right idea, my Facebook ads coaching business. 

That’s where business coaches for entrepreneurs can help you get clarity much faster

c. Help you with market research to figure out what their customers really want

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they overlook what their customers really want. Unless you can speak your client’s language, you won’t sell much.

That’s where market research comes in. You need to research your market to figure out who they are and what they want.

online business coach - customer segmentation

But time and time again, a lot of people get stuck in this phase. That’s when a business coach can help you understand your customers better than the back of your hand.

d. Help you with writing copy that resonates with their customers

A question that gets asked a lot is this: How do I write a copy for my business?” and “How to get my copy to get more sales.” 

Copywriting is the marketing and sales copy you put out there. You know, your sales pages, emails, web copy, and social media posts. But how do you write a copy that gets people to want to work with you?

That’s what a coach can help you with

e. Help you with getting your first client

Once you have your idea, you need clients. But how do you get them? That’s where the business coach comes in. He can help you get there faster because he’s done it before and has helped others do it. 

What your coach should do is show you how to use proven strategies and adapt them to your industry, as well as changes in the world and online.

f. Help you with growing your business and create more profit

Successful entrepreneurs think differently.

That’s why they get the results they get. You need to think differently to get different results.

Your business success isn’t just about the actions you take, but also the thoughts you think.

This is when a coach can be one of your greatest assets. Mindset changes can take years… Or months or even weeks if you work with someone who can coach you in developing your mindset.

g. Help you develop your team

A business coach can help you recruit, train, and keep the right team members. When you build a team, it can motivate everyone and allow you to create a powerful team with the help of your business coach. You can create passion among your team members.

h. Help you with automating your business processes

online business coach - automate your business

When your business is chugging along (you have some clients and you’ve achieved a bit of growth), you most likely want to start scaling your business in ways that don’t add more work to your schedule.

That’s what evergreen funnels can do for you and an experienced coach can help you with it.

3. The value of having an online business coach

a. They will help you identify your blind spots

Good business coaches are there to help you see the blind spots. As entrepreneurs, we often get into the weeds of our business and it’s hard to see the “forest from the trees.”

b. They will help you close your knowledge gaps

Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle to success is that you don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t Google your way out of a problem that you aren’t sure how to articulate—or worse, how to anticipate. Business coaches are great accountability partners to help ensure you’re learning, growing, and evolving

c. They will help you with your limiting beliefs

A business coach can be great at helping unlock your self-imposed blockers. The biggest pro is having an outlet to be heard and to have someone who can help you process a circumstance or feeling in a thoughtful way. We spend so much time building a cage around ourselves as entrepreneurs that we are totally self-imposed.

d. They will hold you accountable

A business coach is more like a person you’re accountable to. A great coach can make you face something that you might be scared to do at times. An example of having a business coach is that he can really help to have tough conversations with some of your team members that you’ve been putting off for a long time.
Another thing is that because you do pay to talk to them, then you’ll actually feel guilty if I don’t follow through. You’ll have more time to focus on mind-sharing and improving.

e. They will help you resolve your challenges and meet your goals

One of the best investments you can make is in yourself.

If you find yourself struggling in your professional career, or desire to increase your sales or improve your business relationship, then a business coach is an invaluable asset. One of the major advantages of having a coach or mentor is that they help you navigate through challenges and meet personal goals with their insights

online business coach - help you resolve your challenges and meet your goals

f. They will keep you on the right track

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a business coach is that they will help you stay on the right track. Building a business is tricky, especially if you’re a startup. Many people get overwhelmed by the number of fires they have to cease. It’s also very easy to get distracted by all the opportunities that come your way, but you can’t possibly do it all and I don’t think you have to.

4. How to find the right online business coach

a. Identify your problem

First, you need to ask yourself, “What is the problem I want to solve?”

The question seems simple, but it’s where we see most people stumble when they’re looking for business coaching.

That’s because the first problem you think of is rarely the underlying problem you need to fix.

For example, if you just started your own business, then most likely a Start-up business coach can help you find the focus areas and help you build your business

A sales coach can help you:

  • Improve CRM adoption.
  • Rewrite your sales scripts.
  • The list goes on

b. Define the end result

Now that you know what problem you need to solve, you also need to define your desired end result. This result statement will be your guide as you look for coaches and evaluate their methods.

Imagine for a moment that can fast forward 90 days after you hire your coach. What would you like your end result to look like? Write out a bullet point list of what you imagine (business goals, what you do and don’t want to try, and so forth).

Your list could look something like this:

  • I’ll have a clear business growth plan.
  • Our revenue will increase by 10%.
  • I’ll feel good about the team we have to execute it.

Keep going until you have 10 to 15 bullet points detailing what your specific result will look like 90 days from now.

c. Search for potential coaches who can help you with your problem

Okay, so we talked about what a business coach does and what he can help you with. But how to find a business coach? Well here are two examples:

online business coach - how to find the right business coach

i. Referrals from your network
Ask for referrals from business owners in your entrepreneur groups on LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as your networking groups

ii. Online searches
You can do a general search online, including search terms like, business coach, entrepreneur’s coach, and success coach. You can also search on the type of coaching you believe you and your business needs

d. Evaluate potential coaches

Now that you have some offers, look at some business coach reviews

Some of the things to look out for are:

  • Have they done it before?
  • Do you like the person and would  like to work with them?
  • Do they have verifiable proof?

    These are just some questions to consider before making the decision

e. Schedule a strategy session

This one is easy. Find some time when you both are available and schedule an Online-Coaching strategy session to discuss things furthe

By now, you know how a business coach can help you grow your business and what you should look for in a coach. What did you think of this article? Did you find it useful? Have you ever worked with a business coach? If so, what was the experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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