The Do’s & Don’ts of Attracting Your Dream Clients and effectively market your business online

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do's and dont's of attracting your dream clients

You have decided to follow your passion. You have finally made up your mind to leave the corporate world so you can focus on building your own business. Being an entrepreneur may definitely give you freedom from the 9-5 grind but have you really thought about how to bring in clients to your business?

It takes a while for your business to take off. You will have to go through so many processes to find that dream client. But, before you go down the rabbit hole you can learn from what this wonderful woman who started her business with a laptop and a dream at her parent’s spare bedroom…

In this interview, we meet Jeannette Bridoux, a Coach and Speaker who supports women entrepreneurs stay accountable with their goals and grow their business as we uncover the Do’s & Don’ts of Attracting Your Dream Clients.

Jeanette essential topics like knowing who your client is, how to build trust with your audience through social media, why sales are vital to your success and tips on how to build a community of customers.



Tip #1: Know your target audience.
According to her, it is pre-eminent to determine your client or your dream client as you craft or plan your program. Knowing their need or their problem as well is equally important. It has been a practice of many people to over analyze the demographics before they really even know who their ideal client is or the product they’re creating. Many times, a lot of people tend to create programs or align their service based on what they think is going to work not on what is needed and what needs to be serviced. Jeanette noted that knowing what is the problem that’s out there – that is actually worth servicing will definitely pave the way to attracting your ideal client.

Tip #2: Build respect and trust with your audience through social media.
Knowing your ideal client is one thing but how do we know what the problem is? Jeanette shared one of her strategies when she was just starting was optimizing social media interactions, like going to the Facebook Groups. It is the easiest and quickest way to find out the needs and pain points of your “ideal clients”. Hence, by providing free content, and walk step by step which answers the problems of the target audience – you position yourself as the expert. In doing so, this equips you with the knowledge on how to build, know, respect, and gain the trust of your target audience through social media.

Tip #3: Social Media That Sells.
Interestingly, Jeanette also showed us in this interview how to turn posts into profit with proven social media strategies. She monetized her free content after gaining traction. She compiled the best content she has freely given so far and turned it into a product that sells!

In the end, it is figuring out who is the target audience and what their challenges are which is the lifeline of your business. Reaching out to them by creating content catered to those themes and then posting it regularly is your next step. Just be consistent with it. That’s really important as far as social media marketing is concerned. It may be a lot of work in the beginning but in the long run, it pays off.

As she quotes one of the coaches she follows:

“Business is simple. People are complicated. And the problem is, is that we complicate everything. We try to launch too many things at once, we try to put too many ideas in the pot when it’s very simple. It’s like you solving a problem and that’s it.”

Indeed! Simply put, watch the interview and feel free to share to entrepreneurs you think will also gain knowledge on The Do’s & Don’ts of Attracting Your Dream Clients and effectively market your business online.

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