From 9 to 5 to Travelpreneur Tribe – 6 Reasons Why You Should Join Us!

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All around the world, people are saying goodbye to their 9 to 5 desk jobs now more than ever. Statistics show that by the year 2027, 58% of the workforce will be remote.  Are you ready to drive into the action? We are offering you the opportunity to break free from the daily routine and participate in an exciting one-week intensive co-working startup retreat, in the heart of New York-  where you will learn how to kick start your online business in less than a week! Need more convincing? Here are 6 reasons why you should join our business retreat!

  1. Kick start your online business in less than a week and hit the ground running!

Imagine this; you can travel the world and take your office with you! We will show you how to get started in less than two weeks by generating your ideas, launching your product and getting your first paying customers. Each day you will not only learn about the strategies on how to start your business, but you will participate in hands-on workshops whereby the end of the day you will have your product up and running. And all this while being a part of a vibrant and passionate community designed to guide you along the way.

  1. Discover your powerful niche

Do you want to work online, but are unsure of where or how to get started? Are you struggling to decide and still in a 9 to 5? Let us lead the way. We will help you to explore your passions and turn them into a reality. Together, we will test your interests and ideas and have a clear plan on how to put that into action.


  1. Utilize valuable resources for your business

Speaking of valuable information, very have multiple resources for you to utilize within the retreat. We will have startup business coaches with proven track records of starting and teaching startup businesses there to guide our sessions as well as local business leaders to connect with. We will partake in a flow of information to motivate you to achieve your goals and we will be there to guide you every step of the way on this unique journey. On top of that, we provide a productivity ready environment to get you started with your online business.

  1. Access your hidden potential

Attitude is everything. We will provide workshops to help you to navigate through your purpose and vision. With the right online business in alignment with your self-chosen goals, imagine what you can have. Limitless freedom, low overhead and margins, and access to a worldwide market are just to name a few. More and more people are discovering the lifestyle of working remotely rather than the traditional 9 to 5 work life and we want to show you how to make this dream possible.

  1. Embark in the travel adventure you’ve always wanted

Adventure awaits in the dreamy blue sea and great outdoors of Croatia. What better way to mix productivity and paradise? Home to a diverse mixture of culture, history, and natural landscape, you will have plenty of time between working on your online business to embrace everything Croatia has to offer.

  1. Join a community of entrepreneurs and find your tribe

Nowadays, the community is everything in the business world. The best ideas are formed through the sharing and gathering of information. Here is where you can find your tribe. Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts, while learning about the endless amount of opportunities that are waiting for you. We support an open and dynamic learning experience, where one can receive instant access to valuable information.

By Rebecca Crespo

Are you ready to join our community of business leaders and entrepreneurs this September in Croatia? Don’t forget to click on this link here  to receive more information!




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