3 Key Steps to Master Your Growth Mindset

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3 steps to master your growth mindset

How to develop a growth mindset?

Our beliefs play a pivotal role in what you want and whether you achieve it – in life and business. And that is why having a growth mindset is so important. Having a growth mindset is the belief that you are in control of your ability, and that you can learn and improve with time. That is the key to both personal and professional success.

Success is something that is within you. It’s your daily habits, your morning routines, what you spend most of your time on, where your focus and attention lies, and how you view the world around you. And a lot of times, our minds and our bodies are programmed to think and act in a certain way, that not necessarily leads to a successful and fulfilled life. However, there are ways that you can reprogram your subconscious mind for greatness and success.

And in this blog, I am going to share some of the growth mindset activities that I do daily, to help me master my mindset, so I can tackle challenges with ease and view failures and disappointments as learning experiences that help me grow and expand and in the end, lead a successful and fulfilled life.

Identify Your Purpose and Vision In Life In Order To Have a Growth Mindset

A purpose is a fast-track to success. If you have a purpose in life, all of the hard work and obstacles that come your way will be much easier to overcome along the way. This is the first step in developing a growth mindset

A vision is the most important dream in your life, it is the ability to close your eyes and imagine a future that not yet exists. It is a vision about your future and who you want to be, what you want to do, and how you want to do it.

There are a million ways to build a business, but your goal should be to find a way that works for you. Not what someone told you you should do. Not what you think you should do out of obligation, guilt, or self-doubt.

The first thing for you to do is to figure out what is most important to you in life, so you can build a business inline with your personal needs, goals, and desires.

In this section, you will define your purpose and vision in life, so that you can focus your business goals around things that matter to you.

Here are some of the questions you should answer and write them on paper:

1. You won the lottery and are guaranteed $10,000 a month for life. You’re not rich, but you’re financially secure and can do whatever you want. Knowing money is not an issue, what business would you build? What would it mean to you to make this dream come true?

2. What’s your life like in a year or two? What’s your typical week like? Who do you spend your time with? How much money are you making? How often do you travel? (Don’t get stuck in knowing all the How’s now, dream big!)

3. Create an hour-by-hour itinerary for your perfect day. What tasks do you enjoy doing? Do you spend more time at home with family or are you a working CEO? (Get specific here – your happiness depends on it!)

4. How far away is your current daily life from your perfect day? Are you close or far from what you want? What changes can you make today to bridge the gap?

Now when you have all of this written down, we are ready to move on to the next step.

Gratitude and Visualization with Meditation

One of the key steps in having a successful life and business is expressing gratitude for what you already have. And when you are truly grateful for what you already have, only then you will be able to receive what you want. This is an important step to develop a growth mindset

And the way to receive what you want is to visualize yourself as your future self already having it. But don’t just visualize it, think about all of the details on what you will be doing, where you will be going and feel how it already feels to be there. Live your future life in the present moment.

Now I know that meditation isn’t always easy especially when the mind is aggressively wandering and distracting your attention, but if you practice gratitude and visualization consistently be ready to experience incredible changes in your level of happiness and joy.

5. Now the fifth step is to write down all of the things that you are grateful for in your life and business. Make the list super long and just keep writing. Are you grateful for all of the things that you hear, see, smell, touch, feel, for all of the things that you have – your friends, family, material things? I could go on and on.

And now that you have a list of all of the things that you are grateful for and all of the things that you want, the next step is to take at least 5 min of your day (if you are just starting) or longer to sit somewhere comfortably and start your meditation.

At first, start visualizing all the things in your life that you are grateful for. All of the wonderful things that you already have in your life, no matter how small they seem to be.

And when you have run through your gratitude list, then move on visualizing your future and who you want to be, what you want to do and how you want to do it. Put yourself out there and imagine and feel the life you want to have.

Now, this is a really powerful exercise that if you do consistently be prepared to experience incredible upgrades in gratitude and joy. And there is no such thing as overdoing it. Sometimes my meditations can be anywhere from 60 – 90 min, but I always make sure to at least do 15 min if I am in a rush.

Learn How to Adopt A Lean Mindset

The goal of having a lean and growth mindset is to do the minimum amount of work necessary to get the results you want. Or better yet to get the results your customers want.

First and foremost always think about the value you are bringing in to your customers. Don’t think about what’s in it for me, but what’s in it for them? Be ready to have an open mind and openness to change.

However, a lot of times new business owners are overcomplicating everything because they want to create a big vision now, instead of starting with smaller solutions and creating busy work for themselves rather than doing the important stuff.

So how do you focus on things that matter and bring results in your business and your life?

  • Break things down into bite-size pieces and set a short time limit to the tasks.
  • Categorize your tasks and prioritize the ones that have an impact on your customers.
  • Make decisions quickly and refine later as you go.
  • Stop overthinking, overcomplicating, and over perfecting

Some of the behaviors that I see are rooted in perfectionism:

  • Not launching a website because it’s just not good enough
  • Not creating a program or product to sell because they’re scared it won’t sell
  • Creating busy work for themself rather than doing the important stuff
  • Jumping from project to project, rather than focusing on a specific area or subject

The key is to take the first action and figure out the rest as you go. Don’t get stuck in “Paralysis by Analysis”.

Adopt your lean mindset starting NOW by pleading to:

  1. Launch before you are ready
  2. Take action in spite of fear
  3. Take small steps every day
  4. Measure & test everything

Now you should have everything you need to master your growth mindset and to create a successful life and business that you have always dreamed of.

However, if you need additional guidance, a coach, motivator, and somebody to lead you through this process, I am always here for you and rooting for your success.

It’s Your Turn.

There you have it. We have talked about how having a growth mindset can control your ability and help you improve so you can have both personal and professional success.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you planned to apply this mindset as you grow your business?

I want to know about your journey. Let me know in the comments below.

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