Everyone needs social media marketing nowadays, especially if you are about to launch a new product or site, most businesses benefit from the exposure they get from certain social platforms. We took the time to talk with one of our retreat speakers and social media coach Julia Jerg to hear her story and what she thinks what works best to reach your goals.

Hello Julia, nice to meet you. Tell us about yourself.

Hi, nice to meet you too. I am a digital content creator, social media coach and editor from Germany. In 2011, I quit my job and started travelling the world. What was meant to be a short break (initially I planned to backpack around the world for about 6 months) turned into a never-ending trip and eventually became my lifestyle. Today, I am a successful digital nomad working remotely sharing my knowledge and story on my social channels (@jeyjetter) and blog (jeyjetter.com). In 2012, I added an addition to my team, Claudio Delgado, who is my partner in travel, work and life and the father of our beautiful little son, Vincent who was born in 2017.

How did you get started with social media marketing? Why did you become a social media marketing consultant?

Before I left home in 2011 (and my old life behind), I had worked as a PR/marketing consultant in several agencies and companies in Munich. I had climbed up the career ladder and followed a typical path most do in Germany: School, university, a few unpaid internships, some low paid internships, an entry-level position followed by a project leading position – by the time I was 26 I was responsible for a team of graphic designers and editors plus a key account for my company. By the age of 28, I felt burned out.

For me, it did not make much sense to go on like this and work for other people’s dreams. So, I decided to find out what my dream would be while globetrotting the world for a while. It turned out that travelling around the world, meeting other people and working from different places was exactly my ‘thing’. So, I used my marketing and language skills and started slowly but surely to build up a client network.

Social media was not big back then but I had the chance to learn from the beginning until today what strategies work and which don’t work so well. Today, it seems so normal that companies hire freelance social media consultants/managers and I am happy helping others start or grow their online presence.

How can you help people on our retreat achieve their goals?

Nowadays it’s so easy to start a business online or launch a new product and promote it on a blog or via social media. But I think that this is exactly the challenge. Since everyone can do it, you really have to stand out. During my workshop, I will try to get people to define their Uniqueness in the best and most perfect way.

My take on the whole online preneur and startup-generation is that everyone can achieve their goals and turn their ideas into a profitable business if they have a crystal clear vision of their goals. That’s why I think the most valuable time spent is in the groundwork, we will talk about market research and how to set up a strategy for each product.

For me, it’s always exciting to hear new ideas and be part of the process when ambitioned people work towards their launches. I will be creating step-by-step guides that help them when they launch and market their work.

About Julia Jerg:

Julia Jerg is a social media marketing and public relations consultant, copywriter and blogger from Germany. In 2011 she left her corporate job, sold all her stuff, bought a one-way ticket and turned into a successful digital nomad. Since then, she has travelled, lived and worked remotely in over 80 countries. On her blog jeyjetter.com, she shares her love for travel and knowledge of long-term travel, personal freedom and location independence. She wants to inspire aspiring digital nomads and everyone who fears to take the step to go from 9-5 to a digital nomad life. Connect with her on social media @jeyjetter

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