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Business Launch Blueprint – Turn Your Passion into Online Business

November 28th 2018, 6 pm – 8:30 pm; Breather, 153 West 27th Street, Suite 208

How to Transform Your Passion Skill into A $10,000/Month Business Even If You Don’t Have Any Experience in Building a Successful Business

Key Takeaways

Show me the Money!

If you are looking for ways to start your business without a business background and learn how to manage your money and budget, we have you covered. In this case study, we are going to show you how it has been done on a real-life experience.

  • How to start a business without a business background and manage your money mindset and budgeting for longevity.
  • How to get out of your Head and Into your business
  • How to make the right connections to grow your business and why getting a coach makes all the difference
  • Ways to get your first clients and start making some serious dollars

By the end of this session, you will know the specifics and practical examples of how the principles learned throughout this workshop were put into action to create a profitable business around a 9-5 job.

How to Crush Your Goals in 2019 Even If You're Struggling to Breakthrough in Your Life Right Now

We will go a little deeper into what is needed to start putting your ideas into actionable steps.

  • What is a goal?
  • The factors you need to realistically achieve a goal.
  • Learn about the SMART Plus goal setting tool.
  • Begin creating your action plan.

You will learn how to turn your business ideas into actions that will actually get done, and build on each other to improve self-efficacy.

How to Get Customers to Beg You to Take Their Money

Bring life to an early version of your big idea that sparks an emotional pull to your avatar and you will be on the road to launching the value filled product your customers want to buy.

  • Prototyping your idea so that you can take it to market for early feedback
  • Using the prototyping feedback as an opportunity for pre-sales or first-time sales
  • Using the primary research phase to build your initial sales pipeline
  • Entrepreneurship is an iterative process that never ends and your job is to constantly and consistently innovate

Key takeaways from this training will enable any entrepreneur to speak with confidence to their prospective customers about their product or service and leave each conversation with more information to make it better.

Your Coaches For The Event

Belinda DiGiambattista

Belinda DiGiambattista

CEO & Founder at Choose Your Metric

Belinda DiGiambattista is an entrepreneur, speaker and coach, and the founder of Butter Beans Kitchen, a food & wellness company. She bootstrapped BBK and grew it to a multi-million dollar business landing on Inc. 5000’s list twice. Belinda is now helping other companies achieve their goals through her coaching business, Choose Your Metric. She provides training and business education to owners, so they can work smart and reach their highest potential. Belinda also provides online courses to aspiring and new entrepreneurs helping them get their first ventures off the ground. Belinda earned her BSBA from UNC-CH and her MBA from NYU. You can find Belinda at or on FB BelDiGiambattista.

Danny Ghitis

Danny Ghitis

Founder and Head Coach at

One theme was consistent across all stories I covered in my career as a photojournalist: everyone is looking for fulfillment, but most seek it in the wrong places. After seven years working freelance for The New York Times and burning out, I decided to transfer my storytelling skills and passion for human flourishing into a new career. Now, as an NYU-trained and ICF-certified coach, I help clients reframe their professional narratives and tackle obstacles fearlessly to achieve their goals. My practice is evidence-based, meaning it’s founded on research from coaching psychology, positive psychology, adult learning theory, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. You can reach Danny at

Crystal Barrow

Crystal Barrow

CEO at Shape Your Success Coaching

As the CEO and Founder of Shape Your Success Coaching, her mission and life purpose is to help go-getter professionals master the job hunt with a mindset towards creating the careers they REALLY want and deserve. Over the years, Crystal has been helping individuals just starting out on their career paths as well as seasoned professionals looking to reach the next level in their current industry or a new one.  Having been hired and fired, Crystal has navigated some pretty interesting career transitions and knows what it takes to get hired so you can smile doing work you love.  She lives in White Plains, New York with her daughter and loves to hear from her followers. You can visit her website at

Your Host For The Event

Mia Scuric

Mia Scuric

Founder and CEO of Travelpreneur Tribe

Mia Scuric is the CEO and Founder of Travelpreneur Tribe, a company focused on empowering entrepreneurs by providing enriching, fulfilling and rewarding environments to start their online businesses while traveling the world. After spending 15 years in tech, Mia decided to combine her passion for traveling and technology in Travelpreneur Tribe. Her startup retreats help ignite and launch online businesses, connect like-minded entrepreneurs, startup coaches and industry experts to create innovative products and meaningful relationships.

You’ll look back on this and say why I have not started sooner?

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