The Lean Startup Methodology is a business approach used by many entrepreneurs today. It introduces a new scientific approach to creating and managing your startup or business, which has helped many startups to be as successful as they are today. In the Travelprenuer Tribe co-working startup retreats, we will be putting this approach into action, helping you to discover a methodology that works. Not sure what the Lean Startup Methodology is? Fear not, we are there to give you through each step. Here are a few things to expect using the Lean Methodology System:

1. Work Smarter not Harder

Balancing one’s time and productivity can be a daunting task to overcome. Sometimes it is hard to disconnect and stop thinking about work. Or it is difficult to find the thing you should really focus on when there is so much to do. Working smarter requires one to find their strengths and reach their goals efficiently.

The Lean Startup Methodology attempts to answer the direct questions that allow a manager to hit the ground running with a new product or idea.

2. Validated Learning

Creating revenue for your business is every entrepreneur’s dream. But in the early stages of a startup, it may not be the most important goal to have. When startups focus primarily on revenue, they fail to recognize that building a sustainable business is key.

The Validated Learning portion of the Lean Startup Methodology focuses on learning about their customers and what they want. This leaves uncertainty behind and saves the startup a lot of time. Not only do they provide a product that people will buy, but through this process, startups learn how to grow renewable audiences through collective data.

3.Innovation Accounting

Innovation accounting is an important process for the early stages of startups. It is focused on defining, measuring, and communicating the process of innovation, for example, new products.

The process understands causes and effects which is a critical part of new startups emerging in markets today. Using this method, one can expect to create accountability and rummage through the gray areas that were once unmeasurable. By implementing three basic steps, one can improve entrepreneurial outcomes and investment returns.

We hope you liked learning more about the Lean Startup Methodology! Join us on our retreat in Croatia to put your plan into action! It starts in September, so there is still time to sign up and get the ball rolling!  We will have a team of startup coaches and local ambassadors to guide you through the process. Check out more information here (link).

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