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Today I came into the Travelpreneur tribe team meet up. It was great, very informative and I learned a lot. They had a lot of professionals here to help you. They ask specific questions, they put you to the side, to talk about your likes, I mean about things that you wanted to do, what your dreams were and they’re really right here to help you work through any issues that you may have. And I’m just surprised that more people didn’t take advantage of it. I would absolutely recommend to take advantage of this retreat and possibly support. Alexandria Rodriguez

I came to the Travelprenuer Tribe event and I didn’t know what to expect but I received a lot of great information from very knowledgeable coaches that really helps me to understand topics that every entrepreneur crosses that we encounter and just get clarity on it. Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. Candace Joelle

What I really got out of today in this workshop is to keep things really simple, and it’s ok to launch something in a very minimal way as long as you have a good understanding of who your clients are and what you’re offering people that’s of value. I really appreciated this event and learning from these awesome people. Nicole Orlemans

My name is Jazmin, and I just attended this amazing workshop by Travelpreneur Tribe. The main take away that I got from this is breaking everything into little steps, holding yourself accountable. And it’s ok if you’re competent or incompetent things happen. But start with little steps and you’ll go a very long way. Jazmin Marbella

The workshop with Travelpreneur Tribe was incredibly helpful. I am a new entrepreneur – solopreneur with many ideas and coming to this workshop. I am left with a lot more clarity and actionable steps to take, bite-size actionable steps that make my dreams feel a lot more possible, actually, they are possible, so thank you, Travelpreneur Tribe. Crystal Wei

My name is Christian Robinson, I came to today’s workshop to learn how to take my start-ups to the next level. I found it very, very insightful, very helpful. I’ve been on this for the past five months and it has really helped me narrow down more specifically some of the areas in which I can make better improvements throughout my days, throughout my weeks and throughout my months. And I can reach my goals faster and hit more milestones as I get closer to having the life that I want with the business
that I have. Christian Robinson